Floating on Four Fins

The youngest offspring has a few things to say this evening…I was supposed to include all of the parentheticals and keep it as close to what she wrote as possible.

Hi! I’m the daughter of the owner of this blog. I love her blog [Ed./mom note: I’m just typing what the kid wrote]. Anyways, this is a special page! Today I’m talking about what I think the fan favourite [Kid watches too much Doctor Who, apparently]fish do when we’re at school. My fish, Sky (the pretty boy), most likely sleeps a lot. When he’s awake, I think he patrols his territory. Since he’s managed to cut his fins up a little, I think he might play by himself.

Now Poltergeist (not my fish), I think he tries to break the tank. Poltergeist is ragged. He likes to slam himself into the wall.

Yeah…Anyways, on the wonderful, stress-free snow day Monday, Sky slept. A lot. When he was awake he just stared me down. I told him sleeping near the filter was a bad idea. Sorry, mom. I didn’t know children were that rebellious [mom note: kid is 11, so she has no idea]. Let’s just say he slept by the filter. That covers Sky.

Now, I don’t own Poltergeist, so I’m not sure about him. I think he (Poltergeist) sleeps, too. After probably hurting himself, he is calmed down as far as I’ve seen. Maybe he sleeps, maybe he parties. Poltergeist is, well, interesting. He is, or was, a good boy. I think. He has grown up a bit and he’s been in the house longer than Percy. I think other pages or the description says otherwise, but we got Poltergeist a week before Percy. Poltergeist is purple with red and blue. Sky is light blue. Both are torn up. Sky isn’t as torn up. I’ve accidentally fallen into the dresser (where his tank sits) and literally shaken Sky up. He fish glares at me. Poltergeist though. He’s, according to his owner, “very aggressive.” I think that’s all. Betta fish are the best fish. Goodbye!

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