Haas needs a pedicure.

Sometimes, in the middle of the day, I will have the smallest moment of panic. I worry if I gave Stump his pills. Stump isn’t with us anymore so it only takes a second to go away.

Today, I got a familiar, but not the same, text from my husband. Only this time, instead of Stump, the med check was for Haas. His medication is for something much more minor–an infected toe. I found the morning routine of loading up pill pockets to be strangely…comforting? soothing? normal, maybe. It isn’t our normal anymore, but it was for almost a year.

Mom says I take amoxicillin but I say it’s more like yum-oxicillin!

The new fuzzy face was much more enthusiastic about taking meds and ran off happily to play with his brothers. I still miss the old fuzzy face who would begrudgingly swallow a meal’s worth of pills to treat congestive heart failure and epilepsy before lying in the bathroom doorway to watch me get ready for work. I miss him but I am glad he doesn’t hurt anymore.

I am especially grateful that Haas only has a few more days and he will be back to being medication-free. I feel blessed that my boys are happy, healthy, and playful even if that means I will spend forever cleaning up after them. I’m not even too upset that they ate the vent covers for the space under our house.

Poor boy with a hurt toe and split toe nail.

Someday, they may need maintenance meds and help up off the floor but until then, I won’t borrow trouble and I will laugh at a 100 pound puppy bouncing around leaving slobber trails while trying to get Dad to play chase. I’ll even forgive him for pulling my nativity’s Mary out of a box and trying to eat her. (She’s fine)

One thought on “Haas needs a pedicure.

  1. Having a dog who has epilepsy with the inherently rigid schedule of medication throughout each day I know of what you experienced. Some nights I wake myself up and ask if I administered her last dose of CBD oil or Phenobarb. It’s maddening but knowing you are helping them lead a good life can be heart warming too. Kudos to you. I hope Haas is recovering well and will soon be on to new adventures outside the bounds of incarceration. 😇

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