10 Reasons I Love My Big Dogs

The husband has always loved and wanted big dogs.  I liked medium or small sized dogs. They don’t eat as much, they don’t have giant poops, and when they are obnoxious, you can just pick them up and move them out of the way.  I never wanted a big dog.  Now, I have three.  Since I love them terribly and wouldn’t give them up, I decided to focus on the positives of the big guys.

  1. There has been a drastic reduction in the number of politicians and salespeople who come to the door. I guess a giant head with teeth bigger than most people’s fingers staring at you from a window next to the door might make you hesitant to knock.
  2. I don’t have to lean down to pet the dogs.
  3. When I can no longer afford gas due to my feed bill, I can either saddle one of the dogs or have them hitched to a cart.
  4. If we lose power in the winter, I don’t need a space heater because they are as big as blankets and are happy to sleep right on top of us.
  5. Our furniture gets even wear because they weigh as much as some adult humans.

    Haas sitting on the couch
  6. I don’t have to clean out from under the couch cushions because they regularly lift the cushions and check to make sure there is nothing tasty (like food, socks, or money) under there.
  7. We don’t have squirrels. I’m not sure that this is really a bonus but sometimes I think they plot my demise.
  8. Now that I think about it, we no longer have midnight cat fights in our yard. Oldest Child could now sleep at night if it wasn’t actually night time and Oldest Child is nocturnal…
  9. Vacuum factories are going to be able to be in business for a long time because asking even a “designed for pets” vac to handle the amount of dog hair I have is unreasonable and I totally understand that I will have to replace my vacuum often.
  10. Dog hugs when I am having a bad day. If I try to resist, the biggest brings in reinforcements and I get both dog hugs AND kisses from those three big babies.

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