This is why we can’t have nice things…

Yesterday, we went to an adoption event for a wonderful rescue organization in Springfield. It had to be a family affair because certain members of the family were afraid that Percy would go from an only puppy to one of a large pack. I believe that I have enough self control that it would have only been 2 or 3, but whatever.

We met the sweetest boy that the youngest kid and I absolutely adored but I don’t know that he would have found Percy to be as loveable as we do or enjoy such a long car ride with us as he has a bit of a difficult history with vehicles.

Instead, we brought our giant baby some toys.  Percy loves toys. They generally last about an hour before they are reduced to a pile of fluff. He also got a bed yesterday. It’s been a few months since the last one was destroyed so I was optimistic.  Percy would be able to enjoy a nice comfy place to sleep.

Today, he was left unsupervised for about 15 minutes.  This was the aftermath.

On the bright side, his new pig is still in one piece.  I give it another 45 minutes.

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