Someone here may be a little dramatic.

Today has been 800 years long. One of the hardest types of days for a teacher is an early release due to weather. The hardest is waiting for a new puppy (at least for this teacher).

We are all set with the rescue: paperwork completed, home visit done, pictures scrutinized, videos obsessively watched…

The next two days will bring TWO puppies! One might come home with us. Both might come home with us. I might have a problem.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I get to go see a giant dog and Saturday I get to see a smaller lab mix. Percy needs both of them. They will keep him busy and wear him out so that he doesn’t turn into a doggy criminal.

Lately, Percy has been stealing items that he doesn’t need. He picked Dad’s pockets and ate the contents. I noticed another blanket missing that turned up in his crate, and the biggest theft came from the Christmas tree. (Don’t judge me! I’m waiting for a legit snow day.) Percy stole K-9 (from Doctor Who). It’s a sign.  We are meant to be a multiple dog family again. He needs a sibling right away!

Percy is currently in trouble so I guess I could go clean something to make the time go by or I could watch the video sent by a dog’s foster mom. Want to bet which one wins?

pocket lint

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