Three times the fun!

I have to confess. Saturday, I was weak. I looked at two dogs. I brought home two dogs for a week’s trial. Fortunately, they are calmer, for the most part, than Percy the Pain. They are also adorable and may be here forever.

They do not, however, make the existing two less terrible. Meri, the furious feline, still hates everyone and, because of the of weather, is staying inside. The curious canines can’t seem to comprehend that she wishes they didn’t exist. This had led to one lightly scratched nose, followed by intense barking and a sympathetic nose licking from another. Everyone is now fine and the boys have bonded over poor treatment from the evil queen.

We have had a few challenges but I think the boys are getting along and it looks like the trial may be a success!

Our big boy, Haas, is an Irish Wolfhound mix and is about 90 pounds already. He is very tall and a gentle giant.  He is currently loving the snowy weather and wants to be out all of the time.

Our littler boy, Drake, is a lab mix and should only be about 50 pounds when fully filled out. He is incredibly sweet. He isn’t so fond of the snow and would rather snuggle with the youngest human than roll around in that cold, wet stuff outside.

They all play together but even when the new two are tuckered out, Percy wants to keep going. I guess they won’t wear him out. On the bright side, there has been no pick-pocketing lately and the only destruction has been to the new toys.

Haas and Drake
Haas and Drake

I am hoping that the original terrible two on four feet don’t lead the new boys astray. If they do, I’m moving out to the shed.

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