Let’s make it Facebook official

Haas and Drake are formally part of the family. We couldn’t resist those adorably funny faces and canine cuddles.

The last few days have been a blessing and a challenge. Fortunately, we had some snow days that allowed us to be home and help our boys get settled in. These rambunctious dogs have created quite the mess. Two of them have decided that the snow and mud are the best toys ever. It is time to get rid of the carpet.

Percy has been less of a pain since his new brothers arrived. Sometimes (bed time), he is even the best behaved of the bunch. Percy goes right to his kennel, asks for a good night kiss, and goes to bed. He has this whole routine down.

The biggest boy, Haas, tries to call my bluff. He knows what I want him to do but won’t actually go to bed without an escort. I like to think he wants to be tucked in.

Then there is Drake. Oh, Drake. Drake is also crate trained and during daylight hours will cooperate beautifully. He goes in his crate when needed and even when he just wants to hang out. Then there is bedtime. At bedtime, Drake loses his ability to hear and make eye contact (much like my oldest human child). Drake sometimes doesn’t even recognize his own name after 8:30, just in case you might want him to go to bed. The only word he knows is “treat”.

The joke is on Drake, though. Because he is a stinker, he only gets part of a treat and not a whole one. One of us has this training thing down.

Mess made. Our job is complete. Let’s have a nap!

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