Celebrate good times (and carrots!)

This weekend the boys celebrated their adoption when Haas threw a party in his crate. Everyone was there and, when they try really hard, a 100 pound dog, and 80 pound dog, and a 40 pound dog will all fit in a 48 inch crate. All they needed was techno music and a disco ball.

The neighbors (Dad, primarily) weren’t thrilled about all of the floor rattling, couch shaking and various thumping noises so he shut it down pretty quickly. There was some disappointment but the cops (Mom) weren’t called. After such a fun-filled day, the terrors went to bed easily, for the most part. Drake tried to sneak in to Haas’s crate for a sleepover but Mom was afraid the party would resume and make him go back to his place.

If we’re quiet, maybe no one will notice in the dark.

Then on Sunday Percy experienced the heartache he had inflicted in his pickpocket days. Percy was robbed twice in two minutes.

One of Percy’s favorite treats is a raw carrot. They make him wiggle and fuss as much as any commercial treat. For a Sunday treat, I gave him a carrot with the intention of giving Haas and Drake bananas, which they prefer and Percy isn’t interested in.

Percy was being so good and sitting even though he wanted the orange crunchy thing. His huge face lit up when we handed him the carrot but Haas snatched it out of Percy’s mouth before he could stand up from an impatient sit and Haas disappeared. Haas doesn’t like carrots but he was not giving it back.

I grabbed another, slightly larger, carrot to ease Percy’s disappointment. Once again he sat, received his treat, and this time was able to take about three running steps when, just as he passed Drake, the carrot was stolen again! Percy was halfway to the couch before he realized carrot number two was with Drake in his crate.

My poor pathetic pooch sat despondently by his bed and it took several calls to get Percy to come for another carrot. This one he was able to enjoy in peace. Life is hard when you are spoiled rotten.

One thought on “Celebrate good times (and carrots!)

  1. You’ve got an awesome blog! And thanks for following my blog I appreciate. I was in the process of responding to your comment on my last post and watching CNN at the same time and when I turned back at the screen I saw a messaged that said “comment moved to trash”! I have no idea what I clicked. I need to do only one thing at a time. lol. Will keep up with your blog. Thanks for stopping by.- Robert


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